***Macrobiotic diet food available on Norwegian Epic

I try to follow a macrobiotic diet whenever possible.  On my cruise on the Norwegian Epic at the end of March, I found that there were many macrobiotic food choices.  In the morning there was oatmeal.   Many fruit choices were available.   If you wanted to have an omelet, there were many vegetables that could be part of your omelettte (peppers, onions, spinach, mushrooms,…).

For lunch, every day a miso soup station was available with all kinds of vegetable and noodle choices for your soup.  You pick out which vegetables and noodles you would like and your selections are cooked in the miso soup within a strainer.  Many traditional macro vegetable choices are available.  Shrimp can also be added to the miso soup combination.  During lunch there is also at least one fish choice.  There is also usually a fried rice (vegetable, shrimp,…) along with a vegetable stir fry.  You can also go to the salad bar and choose not only more vegetables but also chickpeas and kidney beans.  Many times there is also a boiled or seasoned vegetable dish that can be selected.  There is also an Indian section with multiple food choices.  A veggie burger could always be ordered also.  In addition, a pickle choice is always available.

At dinner, in the dining rooms, a fish dish can always be selected (salmon, tilapia, swordfish,…) or a vegetarian dish can be selected.  Along with the fish selection, any potato or rice sides could be replaced with more vegetables.  Appetizers always include many vegetable choices.  At the buffet for dinner, there is usually some type of fish along with many different types of vegetables cooked in a variety of ways.  There was always a salad bar with vegetable and bean choices.  Sometimes there were cooked bean choices also.

I found the food on the Epic to be very nutritious and extremely tasty!     Anyone have comments on food choices on cruises?


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