***Hints and Tips for the Norwegian Epic

Here are some miscellaneous hints and tips that are helpful for you to know about when sailing on the Norwegian Epic.

-Many times it will cost less to fly into Ft Lauderdale and take ground transportation to the Miami port.  Southwest flies to Ft. Lauderdale and with 2 bags flying free, many times the cost is less than other airlines.  The price for ground transportation from Ft Lauderdale to Miami through Norwegian is $25 each way.  Very convenient!

-Make your reservations for entertainment choices online before you travel.  Saves time to do other things while on the ship.  Reservations are held until 10 minutes prior to each show.

-When embarking, your carry on luggage can be stored in the Comedy Club.  Then go enjoy your lunch without lugging your bags around.

-On embarkation day, instead of going to the buffet for lunch, go to either the Taste restaurant or O’Sheehan’s for a relaxing sit down lunch.

-If you have sailed on Norwegian before, then you are automatically a Lattitudes member.  There are on-board discounts for Lattitudes members.  For example, you receive free minutes when signing up for an internet plan.  Also, there is a discount in the gift shop.  You can always go to Guest Services to ask about these discounts.

-If you are interested in paying an extra $8 a day and you arrive early for embarkation, there is an opportunity to have access to the Posh private sun deck.  It is beautiful there with lounge chairs, a bar, and cabanas.  If you are staying in a suite, you already have access to the Posh sun deck area.  Guest Services sells 20 additional slots to access the Posh sun deck.  If you are interested, go to Guest Services as soon as you board the Epic.  You need to be one of the first 20 people to ask for this option.

-Sailing on the Epic for holidays is wonderful.  The ship gets decorated and many times there is special food.  I sailed on Easter and there were many decorations and cakes to celebrate.  There was also a Christian service offered on Easter Sunday.

-It can sometimes get crowded on the water slides.  If you go a few minutes before they open, you will not have to wait in line.

-If you are staying in The Haven (please see my other post on The Haven), you can bring a guest twice to the Epic Club for dinner for $25 each time.  The Epic Club is a top of the line restaurant.

-The Fitness Center on the Epic is the largest at sea.  Very rarely do you have to wait for equipment.  There are spinning, yoga, pilates, TRX and kettle bell class offered.

-Kids can sign up to be a participant on Nickelodeon Slime Time Live when you get on the ship.

-When embarking, include as many people in your party as possible in your embarkation photo.  Photo recognition will then put all individual/couple/group pictures in 1 folder.  At the end of the cruise all your pictures (for the entire group) can be purchased for a special price and put on a cd.  Then you can print your own pictures.

-In Europe,  you can embark on the Epic at 3 different ports.  This is nice since it allows you to spend time before and/or after the cruise in your choice of 3 different cities (France,Spain,Italy).

-A Spa pass can be purchased for $119 for the entire cruise, or for $30 on port days.  There is a beautiful hydrotherapy pool and heated tile chairs, along with saunas and steam rooms.

-A ship tour can be purchased for $55.  You will see the kitchen, backstage area at the theatre, laundry area, and many behind the scenes non-public areas on the ship.  You can sign up at Guest Services.  There is a drawing for a map of the Epic’s route at the end of the tour.

-Visit the Bridge Viewing Station on Deck 13 forward.  You can see where the captain and his crew navigate the ship.

-Internet on board can be expensive, try to take advantage of internet cafe’s on port days.  For example one hour of internet usage in St. Maarten is $6.00.

What other tips do you have to share?  Please post a comment.


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