***Carnival Future Cruise On Board Credit Program

Carnival has changed its ‘Future Cruise On Board Credit Program’. Previously if you booked on board OR if you planned on booking a future cruise, you would receive up to $200 in on board credits. If you were not sure what future cruise you wanted to book, you would receive a certificate that could be used within 24 to 48 months (depending on when you made the purchase).
Now they no longer offer certificates. The future cruise needs to be booked on board to receive the on board credit. So, before you leave on your next Carnival cruise, start planning for your next voyage. You will then be able to know what you want to book and the price you plan to pay beforehand. Ask for your vacation time from work ahead of time if needed. If you are booking way in advance you will be able to take advantage of ‘Super Saver’ rates (around 30% off). If the price goes down, you will be reimbursed 110% of the difference! Just remember, if you need to make a change in date, itinerary, name,… there will be a $50 fee per person to make the change. That is why it is important to plan before you get on your current cruise. You can research your next cruise on board but the satellite connection is extremely slow. The On Board credit promotion is a great deal (up to $200 per cabin) so my suggestion is to plan ahead. Another thing to know about the ‘Future Cruise On Board Program’ is that your travel agent can get credit for the booking. When you book on board you are also eligible to offer your same cruise itinerary to family or friends with the same on board credit (up to 2 cabins).

Being a travel agent, I would be happy to help you plan and book your next cruise. I have booked many cruises and I know a lot of insider information on booking the best cabins. Please email or call if I can help you out.


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