***Hints and Tips for the Carnival Miracle

Here are some hints and tips for the Carnival Miracle.

-If leaving from New York, take advantage of seeing the beautiful city and area when taking off for your cruise. Get some nice pictures of the city, the Freedom tower, and Statue of Liberty. If leaving from New York during the winter season, bring an extra layer to stay warmer. The first and last sea days will be cooler so bring a book or game and you can relax indoors. When arriving back in New York City, enjoy a beautiful sunrise, the city lights, and going under the bridge!

-Go to the “Fun Ashore and Fun Aboard” talk presented by the Cruise Director. Usually the second sea day. Good information. They will introduce the Captain, Chief Engineer, Hotel Manager, along with other department heads.

-The Serenity area is an adults only area that has lounge chairs with cushions, some covered seating, and hammocks. Quiet area to hang out. There is a bar in Serenity also.

-The blue rocking chairs above the pool are a great place to relax and hang out.

-Gatsby’s Garden (outside theatre) is a nice quiet indoor place to hang out if the weather is not the best.

-Acoustic guitar player Scott is excellent. He plays in the evening in the atrium or in the casino.

-The hot tub next to the gym in the Spa area is not as crowded as the other hot tubs. Also, the water in this particular spa area is not as hot. Very relaxing! There are towels available right outside the hot tub. The hours are 8am to 10pm.

-Take advantage of using the sauna and steam room. Some ships charge extra to use their facilities.

-Try to go to the brunch at least once. Offered on sea days. A comedian from ‘The Punchliner’ has a short show every hour on the hour while you eat.

-At Port Canaveral there are shuttles available that will take you to the Cocoa Beach area for $6 per person one way. The shuttles look like yellow taxi vans and fit about 9 to 10 people. You are dropped off across the street from Cocoa Beach. Within a block there is the Ron Juan Surf shop, a CVS, a Walgreen’s, and restaurants. They wait for people in the same parking lot where you are dropped off. Very convenient! Only takes about 15 minutes to go to Cocoa Beach.

-If you have already visited a certain port, it is always nice to stay on board and enjoy the facilities. It is usually not as crowded on the ship.

-Don’t miss the chocolate buffet on the last sea day. Offered during lunch time. All kinds of chocolate specialties!!!

-Try to go to the hypnotist show. It is very interesting. The hypontist, Assad, also does a workshop the following day which is intriguing.

-All the Carnival ships do a ‘Groove for St. Jude’ fundraiser. For a donation of $10.00 you receive a t-shirt and bracelet. On the last sea day there is a dance time where everyone wears their shirts. The money collected is for a good cause. All money goes to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

-Excellent shows to go to: Ticket to Ride (Beatles), Generations, magician, Singing With the Band. They offer at least 2 different comedian shows that you can go to (sometimes 4!)

-They offer ‘Super Star Live’ – karaoke with a live band. There is regular karaoke also. You can audition for the Legends show that takes place on the last night also.

-Nick and Nora’s Steakhouse is the specialty restaurant that is wonderful. The cost is $35.00.

-‘Chef’s Table’ offers you an opportunity to have a special dinner with the Executive Chef. All food is made just for you. Multi- course dinner. Great if you love food. Includes a private galley tour.

-Going to the ‘Future Cruise’ talk is worth it. Good information. Raffle prizes are given away.

-‘Behind the Scenes’ is a tour of the ship. You get to go in areas that are usually not open to guests (galley, crew living area, laundry, bridge…). You also will receive a souvenir. In each area, a manager will describe what happens in that area and answer questions. Very interesting.

-Go to the Cruise Director talk, usually the last sea day. He is very interesting and will answer almost any type of question. We had Cory “Family Guy” Rogers – very impressive guy.

-We had a great experience with ‘Your Time Dining’ on the Miracle. We could eat dinner anytime from 5:45pm to 9:30pm. We usually went around the same time and never had to wait more than 5 minutes. After a couple of days they knew who we were before we told them. Very impressive! They usually seated us at the same table or in the same general area so that we had the same waiters and waitresses.

-There is a laundry room with washers and dryers so don’t worry about bringing extra clothes ‘just in case’. In the laundry room there is an ironing board also. There is a laundry room on almost every floor.

-Carnival’s Chocolate Melting Cake is their signature dessert and is offered every night. It is incredible!!

-At the buffet there are trays to make balancing plates, bowls, and drinks easier. Some ships do not have trays and you need to make multiple trips…

-If you book your next cruise on board, you can get up to $200 in on board credit. Please see my other post that describes how this program has changed from other years.

-If you cruised on Carnival before, go to the past guest party. They offer free horsd ‘oeuvres and drinks.

-The Captain will give an update on where you are and how things are going along with a weather update – every day around noon.

-Take advantage of the free sushi bar.

-Some other things to do on the Miracle: track, miniature golf, basketball court, gym, whirlpools, pools, slides, large chess set.

-Use cash on the islands so that you will not be hit with extra charges on your credit card.

-Watch a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

-Self assist debarkation is the most convenient way to get off the ship if you are able to handle all your own luggage.

Enjoy your cruise!!!


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