***Hints and Tips for the Carnival Breeze

The beautiful Carnival Breeze was launched June 3, 2012. There is a 3690 passenger double occupancy capacity. She is 1004 feet in length. I sailed on the Breeze in January 2013. I never had to wait in line or wait for a seat. Great layout. New beautiful and fresh decor. Our group had a great time. Here are some hints and tips for the Carnival Breeze.

-Visit the Relaxation Room in the Spa area. There are all types of Bigelow teas and also orange and lemon water. Relaxing music plays in the background. Great view of front of ship.  See previous post for details and pictures.

-Enjoy the Hasbro Game shows. Lots of fun. Great for families. Connect 4, Scrabble, Monopoly, Simon, Sorry…

-The Mongolian Wok has great healthy stir fries. Pick your own ingredients including beef, chicken, salmon, or shrimp and all kinds of vegetables. Cooked right in front of you.

-Enjoy the acoustic guitar soloists on the Lido deck in the Seaside Theatre area.

-Try the water slides!

-If visiting St. Thomas, your cell phone works same as in the United States.

-The Serenity adult area is very quiet and peaceful. There are great cushioned furniture and hammocks for relaxing. Plenty of space in hot tubs.

-The front of the ship on Deck 5 has a great view. You can get there from Deck 6.

-Challenge yourself on the rope course and in the beautiful sports area. There are lockers outside the rope course. Also available in Sports Square are the Sky Court, miniature golf, ping pong, Sky Fitness equipment, and an oversized chess set. There is also a hot dog stand near the sports area. All these options are free.

-Since debarkation is so early, if you have a later flight, get a day room at the Miami Sofitel. Our room was available as soon as we got to the hotel. Relax in your room or enjoy the beautiful pool!

-Enjoy the 24 hour pizzeria. Different types of pizza include: Marguerita, Quattro, Pepperoni, and Mushroom.

-Try the Italian restaurant, Cunina Capitano, for free at lunchtime. Great pasta bar!

-Check out the Thrill Theatre.

-Enjoy the Art Auctions.

-Check out the Warehouse Arcade.

-There is a nice family area with pool and whirlpools in the back of the ship.

-Great area to hang out is on the Lido Deck in front of the big screen (Seaside Theatre). There is a pool and whirlpools, you are close to the Blue Iguana Cantina for burritos and watermelon or Guys Burger Joint. Great show choices include 2 different movies a night, concerts and shows during the day. Freshly popped popcorn is available at night during movies at the Blue Iguana Tequilla Bar. Get towels on the Lido Deck at the Towel Hut or use towels from your room.

-In the back of the Red Frog Pub there is a nice sitting area and a swing.

-The long whirlpools on each side of the ship hang over the ocean. Great view when the ship is moving,

-The Taste Bar offers a breakfast bar each morning. Very quiet. Can eat outside at Ocean Plaza.

-There is a Coffee Bar on board if you would like different types of coffee.

-There is a Bonsai Sushi Bar.

-Fat Jimmy’s BBQ is open on sea days.

-Great shows at night in the Ovation Theatre: Playless Productions (all performers sing and dance)- Brits, Latin Nights, Diva Show; Juggler, and Motown show. There are also a variety of comedian shows, at least 2 times a night. There are 20 different comedy show times throughout the cruise in the Limelight Lounge. The same shows are offered 2 nights then changed. There are both family and adult only shows.

-Dreams Studio allows you to book a photographer to follow you around and take pictures of you and your group.

-Fun Hub locations are found in different locations on the ship where there are workstations set up for you to access the internet.

-Enjoy the Chocolate Extravaganza on the last sea day during lunch in the Marketplace.

-There is pub food available at the Red Frog Rum Bar. You can purchase Carnival’s own beer there (like Key West). Red Frog Rum Bar’s theme is to offer Carribbean drinks and the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar’s theme is to offer Mexican drinks. The Liquid Nightclub has DJs with different themes every night. Piano Bar offers singalongs.

-Fahrenheit Steakhouse 555 offers wonderful 5 course dinners for an additional fee.

-Try Super Star Live – Karaoke with a live band.

-There are theme parties at night including the Red Frog Beach Party with prizes, glow sticks, line dances,… Another night is the Cantina Party.

-Great kids program include Camp Carnival, Circle ‘C’, and Club 2-O. The kids even have their own disco!

-Participate in the Groove for St. Jude event. Lots of dancing and good music. You can purchase a t-shirt and wristband for a $10 donation. The money raised goes to the St. Jude Hospital in TN where children that have a terminal diagnosis can go with no charge to the family. 80% of children make it after their treatments there. Have fun for a great cause. Also offered is a Build a Bear for St. Jude event.

-You can download for free the daily program to your smart phone.

-There is complimentary sushi at the Marketplace (buffet) during lunch.

-There is Indian food offered in the back of the Marketplace (buffet).

-There is a Comfort food section in the Marketplace (buffet).

-Brunch is offered on sea days, 8:30 – 1:00. Breakfast and lunch foods are available. Every hour on the hour, a comedian performs for 10 minutes.

-Enjoy the waiters and waitresses singing and dancing in the Dining Room – usually around 7:00 pm.

-Enjoy a spectacular sunrise and sunset.

-Use cash on the islands to avoid extra fees when using credit cards.

-There are laundry rooms with washers and dryers so don’t worry about bringing extra clothes ‘just in case’. There are also rooms with ironing boards.

Please let me know if you have questions.  Contact me if you would like to book a cruise!


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