***Meeting with Carnival VPs in New York On the Carnival Splendor

On Friday I had the opportunity to meet with Carnival VPs in New York City on the Carnival Splendor.  The event was called ‘Carnival Conversations’.  There were 150 travel agents in attendance.  Carnival wanted to hear how they can make improvements for both travel agents and guests.  Some of the suggestions made were

  • offering sailings out of Philadelphia
  • offering 2 night cruises out of NYC (no port stops)
  • offering more varied itineraries out of New York with some longer than 8 days and some 5 day options.  (Look at 2014 sailings for more options)
  • offering Future Vacation Certificates again that do not require guests to books while on the ship
  • allowing guests to sign up for special diet requirements before sailing (ex- gluten free)
  • better senior pricing out of NYC
  • bringing brochures back

Travel agents agreed that Carnival is listening and believe that they will make changes which will benefit not only travel agents but guests!


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