***Loyalty Perks for Royal Caribbean

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I wanted to share with you what the current perks are for cruising with Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines (any ship).  Royal Caribbean calls their loyalty program the Crown & Anchor Loyalty Program. Here are how reward points are accumulated:   ***You will earn one Cruise Point for every cruise night you sail with Royal Caribbean, and DOUBLE the points when you purchase a suite.***

Here are the different levels:

Gold (G):     0-29 points

Platinum (P):    30-54 points

Emerald (E):    55-79 points

Diamond (D):    80-174 points

Diamond Plus (DP):    175-699 points

Pinnacle Club (PC):    700+ points

Here are the benefits:

Exclusive Onboard Booking Bonus: G,P,E,D,DP,PC

Ultimate Value Booklet with great onboard offers: G,P,E,D,DP,PC

Exclusive invitation to Welcome Back Party: G,P,E,D,DP,PC

SeaPass Card recognition: G,P,E,D,DP,PC

Meet the Stars!:  G,P,E,D,DP,PC

Priority check-in:   G,P,E,D,DP,PC

Private departure lounge with continental breakfast:  G,P,E,D,DP,PC

Exclusive Trivia:  G,P,E,D,DP,PC

Exclusive Top Tier Event:  P,E,D,DP,PC

Robes for use onboard:  P,E,D,DP,PC

Signature lapel pin:  P,E,D,DP,PC

Welcome Gift/Amenity including choice of beverage:  E,D,DP,PC

Milestone recognition:  D,DP,PC

Chef’s Choice Gift/Amenity:  D,DP,PC

Priority wait list for Shore Excursions/Vitality Day Spa Services:  D,DP,PC

Diamond Lounge (on select ships):  D,DP,PC

Priority departure:  D,DP,PC

Exclusive Nightly Diamond Event:  D,DP,PC

Daily breakfast with specialty coffee:  D,DP,PC

Entertainment Tour:  D,DP,PC

Behind the Scenes Tours:  DP,PC

Personalized Gift/Amenity:  DP,PC

Concierge Lounge Access:  DP,PC

Priority seating at theater, ice show and AquaTheater events:  DP,PC

Meal with an Officer for members with 340 or more cruise points:  DP,PC

Upgraded bathroom amenities for members with 340 or more cruise points:  DP,PC

Bonus Gift for members with 350 or more cruise points:  DP,PC

Personalized lapel pin for Pinnacle Club:  PC

Pinnacle Club Gold Card with exclusive privileges:  PC


So, as you can see, you really do get rewarded for being loyal to Royal Caribbean International!  Let me know if I can help you book your next cruise, email dreameztravel@gmail.com!!


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