***Many Fitness Choices Available On The Norwegian Breakaway!

I recently had the opportunity to take a cruise on the beautiful Norwegian Breakaway out of New York. I had an incredible time. In this post I want to let everyone know about the different fitness choices that are offered on the Breakaway. When I go on a cruise I want to still have opportunities to workout.

On sea days Zumba is offered! The main instructor was KiKi from the Nickelodeon staff. The other instructor was Eddie, also from the Nickelodeon staff. The class is offered either at 8:00am or 9:00am in the Bliss Lounge. Check the FreeStyle Daily to be sure of time and location. The Zumba class was great. Energetic music and standard Zumba dance moves. Classes are for 30-40 minutes. We had 50-60 people participating each day. Good exercise and fun!! Both beginners and advanced Zumba folks are welcome.

Zumba instructor - KiKi

Zumba instructor – KiKi

The gym has 2 personal trainers. The trainers on board during my cruise were Jass and Olha. They were both very personable and knowledgeable. They teach all classes and seminars and offer one on one sessions. Be sure to go to the gym and pick up a fitness schedule. Not all classes are listed in the Freestyle Daily!

Every day at 7:30am there is a Rockettes style stretch class in the group room in the gym area. This class is free and lasts for 30 minutes. Try to arrive early to make sure you get a spot. There is only room for about 20 people once the mats are down. Seventeen different stretches are taught. These are the same seventeen stretches that the Rockettes do before performing.

There is a Fab Abs class that is free and offered everyday also. The abs class is sometimes offered at 5pm or 7pm. Need to check program. Class lasts for about 20-25 minutes. Good workout!

There are classes offered at the gym for a fee including Pilates and Yoga for $12 each or $30 for 3 classes. There are also New York City FlyWheel classes at $30 per session. There is TRX Suspension Training offered at $20 per session. And then there is Body Sculpt Boot Camp classes at $35 per session. There is also a ‘Norwegian Fight Club’ session offered.

The gym is packed with great exercise equipment (weights, treadmills, bikes,…). Sometimes the gym would be busy but many times it was very quiet there. Very convenient to be able to work out whenever you want between 6am and 11pm.

There are some interesting health related free seminars. On my cruise the following were offered: ‘Detox for Health & Weight Loss’, ‘Walking in Comfort’, ‘Secrets to a Flatter Stomach’, ‘How to increase your Metabolism’, and ‘Burn Fat Faster’.

If the weather is good, you can walk the track on deck 16. There is the rope course (and Walk the Plank!), rock climbing wall, basketball, mini golf, swimming, and the aqua park. Try to use the stairs instead of elevators. Bring a water bottle so that you can refill and bring to your workouts. Enjoy!!


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