***Hints And Tips For The Norwegian Breakaway!

I recently had the opportunity to cruise on the beautiful Norwegian Breakaway out of New York. The Breakaway’s first sailing was in May 2013 so she is not even a year old. The Breakaway has a New York theme throughout the ship since she sails out of New York year round. The Breakaway’s godmothers are the Rockettes. Guest capacity is around 4200. The design of the ship is very nice so rarely did it feel crowded. The following are some hints and tips for the Breakaway.

-The fish on the carpet in the hallways are always facing the front of the ship- helps with confusion on which direction you want to go.

-Drop off your carry on luggage at Headliners when you get on the ship instead of carrying around. Have lunch and check out the ship until cabins are ready. Then pick up your carry on luggage.

-When get on ship on Embarkation day, instead of going to the buffet, head to either O’Sheehan’s or The Taste/Savor (whichever is open that afternoon). You will be able to have a more leisurely lunch (less crowded than buffet).

-Try to go for check in 11:00am and be 1 of the first people on board!

-Put bathing suit in carry on so can go in whirlpool, pool, or to Spa on Embarkation day. Otherwise could be delay in getting your luggage.

-Take a tour of the spa on Embarkation day and you can enter in drawing. Multiple prizes given away. Many time around $500 in spa services given away. Drawing for my cruise was at 5:30. Need to be present to win.

-If you sign up for thermal suite and pool first day for complete usage of saunas, showers, steamroom, salt room, and therapeutic pool and whirlpool you get special package price. They sell a limited number of these packages so that the area never gets crowded, so you will want to sign up the first day/night. The spa is open 8:00am – 10:00pm except for the last day when the thermal suites and pool are only open until 8:00pm. Pricing is based on number of days of cruise: 2 day-$79, 7 day-$199, 12 day-$279.

-Lockers are available at the Spa for those with access to the thermal suites and pool/whirlpool.

-Bring earplugs for at night in case you go to bed early and there is loud talking in the hallways. Earplugs will also block out any announcements in the hallway from the cruise director.

-There are a limited number of passes to the Vibe beach area. It is a private sun deck available to Haven and suite guests. Only a certain number of passes are sold each sailing so that the Vibe area never gets crowded. If you are interested in this type of pass, try to check in early on Embarkation day and go right to the Guest Services desk as soon as you get on the ship to see if they have any passes left.

-Sign up for as many shows as possible online before Embarkation day. When you get on the ship, sign up for all remaining shows either at the Box Office or on the large touch screen in the hallway outside the theatre. Shows will fill up quickly. Since the theatre only holds 850 people, those with reservations will almost fill each show. All reservations are released 10 minutes before the show. At this time, anyone waiting in the standby line can be let in the theatre. Standby can be nice if you want to see a show more than once.

-Every day at 7:30am there is a Rockettes stretch class in the group room in the gym area. This class is free and lasts for 30 minutes. Try to arrive early to make sure you get a spot. There is only room for about 20 people once the mats are down.

-Fab Abs class is free and offered everyday also. Sometimes offered at 5pm or 7pm. Need to check Freestyle Daily.

-Zumba is offered on sea days either at 8am or 9am. Classes will usually take place in the Bliss Lounge. Classes are for 30-40 minutes. We had 50-60 people participating each day.

-Walnuts can be found towards the rear of the ship as part of the buffet in the morning. Only in this area. Great with oatmeal and cinnamon in the morning.

-Cirque (Jungle Fantasy) is awesome. All seats are good but arrive early so you have a better selection. Performances are right in front of you. Surf and Turf dinner is served along with promiscutto appetizer and triple chocolate delight dessert. Show is 1 ¾ hours. Try to make reservations early since shows will fill up.

-Found that some of the restaurants were on the dark side. Might want to bring little flashlight to help read the menu. Small Breakaway flashlights can be purchased in the gift store also.

-Can get souvenir map of voyage plotted out, signed by Captain. $8.95 each. Comes rolled in tube, easy for transporting.

-80’s party is lots of fun.

-Fireworks are beautiful. I watched them from Spice H2O. We had a beautiful clear night.

-Large chess set is on Deck 8- starboard forward side. On Deck 7 in front – shuffleboard.

-Lots of sitting areas on Deck 8 in the Waterfront section. You can also dine outside. There is a wraparound deck that you can walk around (goes around 90% of the ship).

-O’Sheehan’s is great for breakfast. Nice choices and everything is cooked up quickly and fresh.

-At ports, Norwegian always has tents set up with seats, drinks, and wet washcloths. Nice meeting area or place to rest when returning to the ship.

-Use Norwegian IConcierge on your Smart Phone.

-Choices galore: 29 restaurants ; 22 Bars and Lounges!!

-Try a New York style Sabrett hot dog!! Sometimes set up by pool another time near atrium area.

-Play WII on the big screen in the atrium!

-Uptown Grill has all kinds of burgers and meat for sandwiches along with French fries.

-Go to the Q & A presented by the Cruise Director –running a Hotel on Sea. Hotel director, bar director, and head executive chef answer guests’ questions.

-Go to the Q & A presented by the Cruise Director- the Captain and hotel director answer questions. Nice informational presentation by Cruise Director.

-Manhattan Room has slightly different menu from Taste and Savor. The menu is posted right outside each restaurant. Some nights there are ‘Burn the Floor’ dancing shows in the Manhattan Room. Check your Freestyle Daily for dates/times.

-Classes offered at the gym include Pilates and Yoga for $12 each or $30 for 3.

-Beautiful to watch front of ship from decks. Many times see dolphins playing.

-There are switches in the room that turn on lights on outside of room to let cabin steward know if you do not want to be disturbed or you want your cabin made up.

-Go to the Q & A by the performers. Very interesting. The panel that I saw consisted of 2 performers from ‘Burn the Floor’, the hypnotist- Brenda Kaye, and 3 performers from ‘Rock of Ages’.

-Go first thing in the morning on the Aqua slides and you will not need to wait in line.

-Watch a sunrise and sunset!!


18 thoughts on “***Hints And Tips For The Norwegian Breakaway!

  1. Lesley

    We leave 8/3 for this cruise. These tips are very helpful and answer questions we didn’t even know we had. Thank you!

  2. ike

    We Leave 10/12 for this cruise. This is going to be are first cruise and this was very helpful. We got a balcony room do you think they will not let us in vibe even if we pay?

    1. dreameztravel Post author

      Hi Ike, Hope you have a great time on the Breakaway! If you want to have access to the ‘Vibe’ area, arrive early and as soon as you get on the ship, go to Guest Services desk (Deck 6-Mid). They sell only a limited # of passes. I believe around 40. First come, first serve. Best of luck to you! -Deb

  3. Victoria Bryant

    I Love the Breakaway! I went 11/13, Bahamas/Florida and 9/2014, Bermuda. I stayed in the Solo area, which is nicely decorated for single traveler. Food was good. Meet some really nice people for dinner. I love the Wasabi (Sushi) restaurant. The Waterfront on Deck 8, what an awesome idea (it’s wraps around the entire ship and there’s seating. Perfect to sit out on and watch the sunset. I personally see no need for the balcony stateroom with this being an attraction. Next time, I hope to try the Thermal spa, Japanese restaurant; Teppanyaki and Cirque Dreams and dinner.

    1. dreameztravel Post author

      Hi Victoria,
      Thanks for your comments! Glad you loved the Breakaway as much as I did. I can’t wait to sail on her again. I really enjoyed The Waterfront on Deck 8 also. You will like the Spa, Teppanyaki, and Cirque Dreams also! -Deb Lacasse

  4. Rosalyn

    We sailed on the Breakaway in October of 2013 and will be sailing again January 2015. We found that there was so much to do on board we were a little overwhelmed however this time I will be able to plan a little better. The last time we booked the Spa Mini Suite and though I took full advantage of the Thermal Suite my husband did not. It was a waste of money for him. This time we are in the regular mini-suite and I have been trying to find out how much entry would cost for 12 days, thank you for providing that data and I have added it to my budget. Between the Thermal Suite and the Waterfront I do not know which I enjoyed more. You are so right about Cirque Dreams the show was wonderful and we had a table right up front and cannot wait to see it again.

    1. dreameztravel Post author

      Hi Rosalyn,
      Thanks very much for your comment. Enjoy your cruise in January! I went on the 12 day itinerary and loved it. I really enjoyed the Thermal Suite and Waterfront also. I just went on the Breakaway again a couple of weeks ago so let me know if you have other questions. Another hint is to purchase a ‘Future Cruise’ certificate. You will save $100 on your next Norwegian cruise. I would also love to help you book your next cruise. Email me at dreameztravel@gmail.com. Take care, -Deb Lacasse

  5. Katherine Shorr

    I understand that if you want to use the spa, you have to pay an additional $200.00 per person for a 7 day cruise. How much is the cost to use the Vibe area and if you already have pass for spa, for 7 days, is paying additional for Vibe area a good idea? What additional amenities would the Vibe have that you would not get in the spa?

    1. dreameztravel Post author

      Hi Katherine, The cost for the Vibe area for the week is around $80. It is outdoors. It is a key access only area that never gets crowded. There are lounge chairs and cabanas and a private bar. The spa is indoors and very relaxing. The spa rarely gets crowded also since it is capacity controlled. So depends if you want to hang out indoors or outdoors. The spa gives you access to the steam rooms, salt room, and saunas, along with the the therapy pool and whirlpool and the heated tiled loungers. When is your cruise? -Deb

  6. Lisa Herider

    Can you get into the Salt Room for just a one time visit or do you have to pay the additional $200 per person? Also, I am interested in getting a seat at the Chef’s Table. Do I have to wait until I am aboard the ship to make a reservation?

    1. dreameztravel Post author

      Hi Lisa, You can take a tour of the Spa area on embarkation day, before the lifeboat drill. You are not able to pay to go to the Salt Room once. Sometimes they do day passes on port days – you could ask about this. You should be able to sign up for the Chef’s Table as an excursion. If you don’t see online, you can call the Norwegian excursion line and sign up. Enjoy!

    1. dreameztravel Post author

      Hi Rose, if you would like a place to hang out outdoors in the sun/shade, without competing with others to find a lounger, than you may want to try to get a Vibe pass. Enjoy your vacation!

  7. Debbie

    I get nervous about rocky seas and was wondering if anyone can tell me how the cruise is the week from December 16-January 2. Thank you!

  8. Trcia L Conklin

    We just recently cruised the Breakaway from NYC to Bermuda and my advice would be to avoid the Breakaway altogether. The crew was mostly wonderful (A few not so great), but the ship looks worn and not really “shipshape”. The food was mostly terrible, (I’ve eaten much better at Golden Corral) and the pool.area is beyond the worst I’ve ever seen. Small and only 16 pool.chairs directly around the pool. Not a good experience.

    1. dreameztravel Post author

      Hi Tricia, I am so sorry that you did not have the best experience on the Breakaway. I would encourage you to give feedback to Norwegian so they have the opportunity to learn from what you have to say. They definitely do listen to what guests have to say. I know of a couple that just sailed Breakaway and they had a really good experience. If you work with a travel agent, make sure that she/he works with you to make sure you get on a cruise that is a good match for you. As you know there are many cruise lines/ships and each one offers a unique type of vacation experience. I hope your next cruise is a better match so you have an incredible time. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your next vacation. Take care.


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