***Norwegian Escape – The Spa Experience!

Going to the spa on the Norwegian Escape is a relaxing experience. Within the spa there are specialized rooms and areas just to hang out- with a beautiful view. There is a beverage area with orange water, lemon water, and hot teas. There is a large pool with jets and a whirlpool. If you choose to buy a pass or if you are staying in a spa room, you will feel pampered in the spa area!

If you are not in a spa room, if you sign up for the thermal suite and pool on embarkation day and you get a special package price. Or, better yet, sign up online, before the cruise starts.  They sell a limited number of these packages so that the area never gets crowded, so you will want to sign up by the first day/night. The spa is open 8:00am – 10:00pm except for the last day when the thermal suites and pool are only open until 8:00pm. Pricing is based on number of days of cruise: 2 day-$79, 7 day-$199, 12 day-$279 (prices if booked before cruise starts). The pass gives you complete usage of saunas, showers, steamroom, salt room, snow room, and therapeutic pool and whirlpool.

If you have a spa pass (sticker on your card), you stop at the desk to check in. You leave your room key and in exchange they will give you a bracelet. The bracelet allows you to enter the thermal suite.  You can lock your belongings in the lockers in the changing area. In the changing area you will find a beautiful view, towels, robes, hair dryers, showers, and bathrooms. After you change and put your bathing suit and robe on, enter the spa area. There are plenty of lounging chairs. You can also select the heated tile lounge chairs to relax on.

Choices in the spa area include a pool with all different kinds of water jets, a whirlpool, a sauna, a sanarium, rain shower, aromatic steam bath, and salt bath. This spa area is a great area to just relax and unwind. I found that this area never really got crowded (even with 4900 guests!). I stayed in the studios so it was a great place to hangout as a solo traveler. I saw many other solo travelers there also. Calming music plays in the background. I either closed my eyes and relaxed or read or listened to my ipod. I felt it was a good choice especially for sea days!

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